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The Greens Dubai is a name that truly speaks for itself. Hailed as one of the most beautiful communities within the metropolis, this verdant residential suburb is the true-blue paragon of paradise. It is home to picturesque landscapes as well as low and high-rise residential towers offered at amazing prices.

If you have always set your sights on this exquisite community, we're here to help you own your dream home. We take pride in our easy-to-use residential listing service that will enable you to quickly find and compare the Greens Dubai Properties that suit your taste and budget. What's more, our knowledgeable and friendly consultants are only one call away and will guide you all throughout the process.
Celebrate life in all its splendour. Find your dream home at The Greens!

With its friendly communities, pristine pools, gorgeous views and ample local amenities it's just difficult not to get hooked on The Greens. We've definitely felt the pull which is why we've gathered some of the foremost property and real estate agents in the city under one roof who feel the same. If you know that your dream home is somewhere within this idyllic suburb then we're the experts who can help you find it before someone else does.

In close proximity to the Emirates Golf Club and the Dubai Marina residents of The Greens are able to share these and many more splendid views as they while away the hours with a family barbeque or enjoy time spent with friends within the security of their gated communities. Shops and entertainment are within walking distance and one can easily lose track of the hours just by sitting on a park bench overlooking the placid waterways. 

Know more about The Greens, Dubai!

The Greens Dubai is a vibrant residential suburb located within central Dubai. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful areas within the city, as it is designed to provide affordable housing in exclusive communities such as Emirate Hills. To add on, its high and low-rise residential towers are the core of the property options, and allow you to get the greens property for rent available in wide variety of sizes and styles. So attractively built that they are often made available and bought in a matter of moments!  

Already tempted to rent or buy property in the Greens Dubai?

Get in touch with the property experts at The Greens, as their residential listing service is convenient to use and provide you the information on available properties which will most interest you. Moreover, if you are hunting for buyers for selling your property, then they can make sure that your property is viewed by the most interested buyers.

And those who need assistance, the friendly consultants at The Greens are just a call away. What are you waiting for, buy or rent a property at the Greens!

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